Monday, August 6, 2012

Xenex the Bug Man Issue 5 Cover Revealed!

Xenex issue 5 Cover by Taylor Lymbery
Now that issue 4 is done, registered and off to the printer, I decided to go ahead with my tradition and show off the cover for the next issue. And I have to tell you now, I'm VERY proud of this cover!

When I made this issue's cover, I had to break it into two pieces.  One was the foreground artwork, the other was the background artwork. The background artwork is to be used for the back cover art when the first volume of issues are bound together. Both layers were colored in PhotoShop.

I really want to spill the beans and tell you all what exactly is going on with this cover, but I really shouldn't. I might give away too many secrets from issue 4 before it comes back from the printers! If you couldn't tell, I've become very pumped and excited about these new issues of Xenex the Bug Man!

As soon as I get word that issue 4 is going to the website, I'll post it here on the site! Till then, if you need to get any of the previous issues, go to the comics tab in the storefront.

Check out progression pictures of this cover below!

Layer 1 by Taylor Lymbery
Layer 2 progression by Taylor Lymbery
Layer 1 Colored by Taylor Lymbery
Layer 2 Line work by Taylor Lymbery
Layer 2 colored by Taylor Lymbery
Xenex the Bug Man and all art work featured today are copyright 2012 © by Taylor Lymbery. All rights reserved.

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