Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Design in the Xenex the Bug Man Cafepress Store

I recently cleaned up and modernized the Xenex the Bug Man cafepress shop. I really felt it needed it. I've added some really cool products, like buttons! You've got to love buttons! I also added a new design today called Rifleman Elak! It looks good! 
Rifleman Elak by Taylor Lymbery
You can get this design with all of the products that the other designs come on. Besides for going to the indyplanet site and getting the comics, this is another great way to support the independent comic book, Xenex the Bug Man! Go show your bug man love! 
As soon as I get word that issue 4 is going to the website, I'll post it here on the site! Till then, if you need to get any of the previous issues, go to the comics tab in the storefront.
Xenex the Bug Man and all art work featured today are copyright 2012 © by Taylor Lymbery. All rights reserved.

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