Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Xenex the Bug Man Issue 5 Ship design #1

Troop Carrier Design Copyright © 2012
by Taylor Lymbery for Xenex the Bug Man
For issue 5 of Xenex the Bug Man, I have one simple hanger scene where Xenex and General Torax look out over the fleet. To populate the bay, I need to create several ship designs to show diversity of the technology that comprises the general's fleet. This is one design. It is a troop carrier. There looks to be a few problems with the drawing itself. The line work on the top of the ship is crooked. The ramming prong on the right side of the ship is not set correctly in space so it looks smaller than it should. The line work on the top is actually supposed to be crooked. I might add another line in the front to show that. The ramming prong actually moves out and in to cover the door when in flight. This shows that the piece is moveable. Without giving too much away from future stories, this design, and the design of most of the ships in the hanger scene will make a comeback in a future battle. I am pushing to have the next issue of Xenex the Bug Man ready for the Sci-Fi Expo that is taking place in February in Irving, Texas.  If not then, I will have it ready for the Dallas Comic Con. If you are interested in getting the Xenex the Bug Man series of comic books, head over to the comics section of the store to get the book from