Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Issue 4 Update and Pencil page Preview!

Pencil Xenex page by Taylor Lymbery © 2012
I'm feeling a bit better today so I am back to finishing up the last few pages! As I am getting back to the board, I have become confused with myself. If I was upset about the amount of detail that was put in the rain on the Jungle Moon of Morgra, why in the world would I be ok with the city setting on Apparitis?! I know I've been sick, but come on! I'm not sure what I am thinking, but I will have to admit, these scenes look fantastic! I am able to help build the feeling of this place with the architecture of the building around our characters. These pages take a bit longer, but they will really help strengthen the way this universe works. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but hang in there with this title. You'll see. Here's a quick preview of an issue 4 page!

Pencil Xenex page by Taylor Lymbery © 2012

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